Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forty Eight

Off the bike for the past two weeks per Dr. George's orders, but today was filled with nothing but amazing moments. 1) Day two with a completely pain free lower back, the new stretches are really working. 2) I hit the scales again and I am officially at the -15lb mark! I am 225 again for the first time in at least 6mos. 3)The weather today was too good to be true, and since Katie and I were not able to make the overnight with TTM we knew a day hike had to happen.
So We packed our bags, and headed South.

3) 10mi Middlefork loaded hike.

4) Dos Primos! 5) Baths for the dogs, and last but not least after 1 day shy of 2mos w/o any alcohol I knew the only way to celebrate such an amazing group of events was to toast the day with a ice cold tall 16oz can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

It is hard to complain about anything after a day like today. To top it all off we also saw this Guy, and this Guy on the trail during our hike. It is kinda weird that 100mi from home in the middle of nowhere we run into friends! The OT is a special place for sure. I can't wait to see TTM's trip report. Slowly getting my back ready for the Pain Cave.
Good night,


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