Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forty One

My back was still sore today, so I took another rest day and called my DR. I have an appointment after work tomorrow with the miracle worker, and will do what he says after tomorrows visit. I have learned that working out in any form hurt will get you nowhere. I know all the fixed riding I have been doing is the cause of this pain, becuase my hips are all tight from the punishment. Still worth the unplanned time off the past two days. The extra hours I have had off the bike I have been able to catalog all my gear and get my pack together. Here is what I have so far.

1-3 Day Pack List
Winter Ultra Light

PACK Golite Jam

Mountain Hardware 600 down bag
REI lite core sleeping pad
Hennessey Explorer Ultra ASYM
Thermarest Compression pillow
Marmot Precip rain jacket/shell
Patagonia Nano Puff
Guyot Squishy bowl
Light my Fire spork
Jetboil 1 stove
Jetboil fuel
Jetboil base doubles as cup
Kleen canteen for coldpress jo
Nalene for water
Steripen Adventurer
Sawyer 2L water treatment system
REI Emergency kit(matches, sowing kit, etc. standard MacGuyver shit)
Gerber Hatchet/ Hand saw
Extra socks
Windstopper Gloves

On Me
Patagonia R1 pullover
Patagonia Base layer LS
Mountain Hardware windstopper vest
Bonfire base long underwear
smartwool socks
Carhart pants....the only pants I ever wear.
Gerber Knife
Ipod shuffle 4g......JAMS
Boots...still looking for a new pair.

Still working out the nutrition, but I will try to make a 1 day menu. I will then adjust the servings depending on days out.

Will post pics of gear set up in a few days.


  1. Nice start hommie, now lose the hatchet, unless you have some axe murdering spree you intend to go on. It's excess weight.
    Check out this blog from Ryan Jordan of BPL(BackPackingLight) This is the first in a series of 24 hour trips. TTM has utilized this method of getting out and love it!
    Food is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Rehydrated is ok, fresh is always better. Tuna foil pouches, mac-n-cheese, or granola bars of some sort. I intend to try out Balance Bars Raw. Saw it on another blog, this guy ate 6 a day for snacks and then only ate a breakfast and dinner while humping through the CO Trail. I have a few trail cookbooks if your interested. While your in whole foods, pick up some miso soup packets and some dried shitaki. Makes a great easy mid day trail snack.

  2. Masson is going into Rambo mode. Awesome. The guy on the shakers in the video looks like Freddie Mercury with that amazing 'stache.