Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thirty Nine

This photo was taken yesterday during our ride. Scott and I had to seek emergency shelter at the Arch during some serious freezing rain. During the 20mi ride yesterday we were rained, snowed, and sleeted on for the entire thing. It was a fun ride, but it came with a price.....pain.....freeing pain! I thought well they can't all be that bad, until today. Today I only rode 17mi and it featured some snow covered trails in fopo, the fopo cx course, the west end, clayton, and one last climb up Southwest home. Rode again with my buddy Josh, and we both froze our asses off. Coldest I have been on the bike all year, colder than the last snow ride for sure. It was only because of the winds, and there was some wind. In other news today was 1 month since I started this whole Blog/mission and I am 10lbs down in weight, and I have lost about 4-5%BF. I feel pretty stoked on the results, especially since it was never hard. I stuck to my diet, Rode or Ran 6 days a week, and no alcohol at all since Dec 31 2009. I can't wait to crack into a 6 pack, so don't think I have gone soft on you. I will be enjoying one on March 1st. Then it will be only after a race, or a 6er a week in off weeks. The only way to meet some of my goals will be to shed some serious lbs. and March, April, and May for me will be when the real training will start to take place. Right now it's all about base and good eating. I have also only ridden my trainer 6 times since I started this blog, so I sold my trainer earlier today on STLbiking. Got enough cash to get a few upgrades to my existing backpacking gear, so it looks like I will be going sub 15lbs for the 2-3day trip on the OT in Feb. I purchased a new bag, and will be getting some new boots tomorrow. Will post all the details(gear, food, mileage) of that trip soon. I may even have some company on it. Our "Death by Hills II" coming soon. Go HERE for the details. Should have the Big Unit built back up by end of week, just waiting on the cranks to arrive at the Hub.....pics will follow. That is all for now.


  1. Damn, dude. 10 pounds! Great work. And I can't believe you rode outside yesterday. You are more of a man than I am.

    Sweet choice on the pack. Golite makes some sweet gear. What are you using for your shelter?

  2. Nice work Matt, keep it up!

    Isn't Death by Hills III? We did the first one when while I was still in STL.

  3. A hennessey hammock. The explorer ultralite asym. The best solo shelter I have used so far. You can string it up, or use it as a bivy/tent. Total weight is about 2.5lbs. Ministor counting only the one that left from lonewolf w/ everyone, so I believe the official # is 2. I could be wrong ask crotch.