Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forty Nine

Woke up today feeling great, back is all good even after yestrday. Wish I could have been HERE today, but my back is still not bike ready yet. It is amazing to me that WE can draw 60+ cyclist to do any of the crazy ass rides we come up with and put on. The best things in life really are free. I love being apart of such a great team, and cycling community. I have met so many cool people because of cycling, and I think we have a very bright future ahead of us here in the Midwest. As bad of a city St. Louis may be for cyclist, we sure have a lot of really cool cyclist here. I love the Death by Hills Route a CFR Creation that I will have to get all Mario Van Peeples on it sooner and later, unless any one wants a rematch?! Coach is one sick mofo for creating this route. The plan right now for the first week of March is to head back down south on Saturday afternoon for some backpacking and hillbike riding on Middlefork. A few more days off the bike, a Hike again on Tuesday, and then some Bpacking/biking on Sunday. Just bummed around today and watched USAvsCAN Hockey game. I also put a few videos of yesterdays hike on YouTube today for your viewing pleasure below.



  1. Looks like almost as great a day as ours. 10+ off trail from Bell to Lindsey and back to the truck on a sweet roller of gravel. Awesome night hikes without lights!
    Trip report coming soon.

    secret code word crunche

  2. Looks like you had a good day for it. I never even thought about bringing my dogs to the fork, I'm such an asshole.

    That's gotta be like dog paradise or something, right?