Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forty Six

Well my 2009 Kona Big Unit 2010 re-Build is finally complete. After a complete overhaul and a few select upgrades my favorite bike is back in action and ready for the epic 2010 season. The only bummer is it rained all day today and my back is still super stiff. I have been off the bike as per my Dr's orders since Feb 12, and I am getting sick of the lack of riding. I have however had tons of time to get all my backpacking gear together, and this Friday looks to be the maiden voyage to Bell Mtn. with Katie and some good friends. I am getting very eager for weeks filled with double chubbs, middleforks, Trifectas, and berryman rides. Until then enjoy some of the new build. Upgrades include new wheelset compliments of Mr. Fellet himself, and the one and only Whiteind Eno SS crankset and BB. Everything else has been on one or more of my mtbs for the past 3-7 years. I have always said if you only use the best shit it pays for itself down the road.

Holy shit I am ready to ride. More gear updates over the next few days as they develop for the ultralight pack setup. That is it for now.


  1. That thing looks fucking sick!! Looking forward to riding with you this year.

  2. Very nice. I am a bit surprised you didn't armour up those tyres with a little wet look.

    Got my walk on Saturday off trail at Lewis n Clark.

    Weather is looking up for next weekend.