Friday, January 8, 2010


Today was my rest day, and I was glad for that. 11hr work day followed by it being super cold outside again. Ride tomorrow and Sunday. I made poor mans filet mignon for dinner tonight (12oz Sirloin cut into 3oz medallions and then wrapped in applewood smoked bacon. Side of brown rice and some steamed veggies. Everything on the plate is Organic, and for desert we had some OG Honey Crisps Apple slices with some local honey. The we watched Mike Judge's latest film. If you have yet to see Extract, watch it now. I thought it topped office space. All in all I say today was a nice recovery day, and tomorrow it's back on the bike. Now go watch Extract. Good night.


  1. Have you seen Idiocracy? Judge is genius.

  2. I own it, along with all of his others. He is one of my idols fo sho.

  3. Dude, that looks delicious.

    I forgot my lunch today so I had to scavenge a bunch of old nasty shit out of the cabinet in the back. Picture it, toasted rye bread after scraping off the mold..coated in the remnants of an "empty-except-for-the-shit-stuck-to-the sides-of-the-jar" crunchy JIF with "going-to-sugar" honey I found in Amanda's locker.

    Looks like I'll be rollin outta here with the windows down.

    keep up the awesome work dude. Remember, by ourselves we are but a stick....but bound together we are a mighty FAG!!!