Monday, January 11, 2010


Today I was planning on a run and then some trainer time, but the weather was too nice for that shit. Scott rode over after work and we did hill repeats around my neighborhood. It is amzing the workout you can get just outside of my door. All you need is 1 hr, and you can jam a 10mi ride, with TONS! of climbing. You climb the same 3 hills everytime but the connecting the dots it the fun part. It has me think of a non race/ally cat style event this spring w/ BBQ to follow at my crib of course. Before heading back home after our ride Scott had to pose with my purple rocketship. This thing will be built soon, real soon.

Tomorrow I will be teaching my monthly cooking class, so I will be riding early before I have to go to work and cook up fish for the usual suspects. Wed the ride to St. Chuck and back is a go, and Scott will be joining me on this Mini Epic. We will be going to old town instead to meet a friend for lunch before turning around to head back East. Good Night.


  1. If it's not to muddy take a spin around Bangert Island's singletrack. You will find it just before the 70 bridge on your right. Cross friendly fun.