Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twenty Four

Slept in, worked on the Big Unit some more, Katie's Dad came over to help with some house stuff, I Rode around the Hill(5mi) looking for lunch for Katie, Phil, and Myself...The hill shuts down on Sunday, but Mom's Deli was open! After lunch Katie and I rode over to my Mom's(6mi)to grab my bro, and then she rode to her parents (4mi). Scott and I then rode to Marshall Rd for some hill repeats(11mi), and then I rode over to Katie's rents for dinner(4mi). Katie and I then rode back home after dinner(another 4mi). It was a great day. I forgot the camera again, but remembered the Garmin for everything but the search for sandwich ride earlier. The weather actually got better throughout the day, and by the time we left her parents place it was amazing out. Ride Tomorrow and Tuesday for sure. That is all.

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