Monday, January 4, 2010


The 2010 Kona Rat aka The Penrose Killa

Got this bad boy from Cory at Kona a few weeks ago, and I will be building it up very soon. Holy shit this thing is the shit, and it's PURPLE! Today was the official full blown day of the new training regimen. For breakfast I had a bowl of redmill hot cereal, a fat free yogurt, and two french presses of the black stuff and 2 glasses of water. Lunch 6oz Baked Chicken breast, brown rice, steamed stir fry veggies, and you guessed it moar coffee and moar water. Last but not least for dinner 6oz chicken breast baked, steamed asparagus, and brown rice and 3 glasses of water. Snacked on some almonds between meals, ate about a handful throughout the day. Never felt hungry, had tons of energy, and I am real glad I like chicken. I am following the same plan I have from my Nutritionist 2 years ago, and that year I lost 33lbs bringing me down to my all time low of 218lbs over the past 8 years. I am not stopping like I did that year however, so I am glad I like eating healthy. But damn it's not very fun, but at least it's tasty. Tomorrow it's my first run, afternoon cx ride with kt, and official weigh in #1. Will post full results tomorrow. The FB will be on the trainer, and the basement will be complete and ready for action by this weekend! I am ready for some serious gravel rides this winter.

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