Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today Katie and I rode 15mi through FP and U City, and to our suprise the temp was finally in the double digits. Not one part of me was cold, and we would have loved to ride more but we were short on time. Afterwards we went to her parents for a nice home cooked bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup. It was the BOMB. Off on Wed, and the plan right now is a ride on the Major One to Klondike and back. 80ish mi, and the weather is supposed to be in the 40's. I will be needing some fenders for the katy I am sure, but other than that it should be a nice base builder for the ever approaching 2010 OC. Looking more and more forward to the 2010 MTB race season, and so far this whole resolution thing is at it's 10 legit day. Tomorrow it's another run, followed by a little trainer time. Lastly I would like to thank Nico Toscani for the above photo of my new name badge. Pretty pro if you ask me. I like the umbrella. Till tomorrow.


  1. I must have a name badge...the search is on for the required materials. My MAJHOR will look grand supporting a name badge.

    Keep riding as it is being...