Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twenty Eight

After my 4mi run it was time for some of the good stuff. I can quit drinking beer, but giving up coffee is not an option. Ever. Taft came by to have a cup and check out the new wheels.


The new wheelset is here, and they are SWEET! Thanks to a good friend for the build. Truly a work of a true master! We have Chris King Hubs, laced to Velocity Blunts, with DT Swiss DB Spokes, and Brass nipples. I couldn't have built this wheelset without my sponsors The Hub, Velocity, and of course the Builder FB!

The build was almost totally murdered out, but I had to get that Green King...EeeWee!

I can't to get some Double Chubbs on these bad boys. Just wait till you see the Big Unit with these on it. Damn it looks real nice. Ride early tomorrow before work, then ride to work, and then ride home.

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