Sunday, January 3, 2010


2009 Top 1O moments spent on two wheels.

Herman CX 2nd CX race IN 2009 for me and it was a super fun/hard course. Can't wait till 2010 CX

ULTRALITE Bikepacking at its best....Thanks TTM!!! Major One Shakedown #1, "Streaks on the china"

TEAM SEAGAL MKE RIP 2008-2009. Good luck Haymakers, can't wait to sport your colors!

Go Penrose! My first season of track racing, and I am hooked for life!!! Just wait till you see my Kona i sin my basement as I write this!!!!Holy shit!


Base miles!!! Look at our silly roadbikes!?! My FB makes my all day mtb epics possible. I plan to really get to know FB this winter!

WOMBLE, Ouachita Challenge 09. Broken chain, 13mi hike a bike, and still with a sub 9finish! This year it's sub 8hr for Stormy. I said it here first!

THE DR. Anytime you rode with this Jerk, you knew it was going to be a good ride! hope to do the Whiskey Offroad in 2011.

KONAS! These are the machines that allow me to live the dream, Single and with a big unit. Just kidding Katie?! I love my bike.

SSWC09 Durango CO. The best mtb trip of my life to date, with the best bunch of friends I have. Rode our bikes in colorado for 10 days. What could be better than that?! Nothing. That is it for 2009, and onto 2010. I am so grateful for my team, my friends, and my family. I am looking forward to the 2010 MTB season more than I ever have. It all starts tomorrow. The training, the runnin, the riding will all make 2010 the best yet. I have done this same thing every year for the past 2 years, but this time I am blogging about my travels. Taking it to the next level, and doing so with the best team/sponsors/friends I have ever known. Let the games begin.

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