Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hit the scale for the first time in a while, and It was at 240.6lbs. Pretty much what I had expected, so no suprise there. I will be focusing mostly this month onmy eating/excercing, and not really my weight. I also know that BF% is really more important, so I will going to see my old friend Andrew(licensed Nutritionist) in Feb for more help/advice. Until then I am following the same plan that he created for me two years ago(I am saving all money for my track and mtb, so poors mans plan for Jan.) Today Katie and I rode 11.5mi through the beautiful city of STL, and holy shit it was cold. We made it home in just over one hour, which is really good since this is only katies first solid month of being on the bike again. I did have to leave her in the dust however on our climb back to the crib on Sublete. I redlined it straight up that bitch. I am currently in the process of transforming my Big Unit, so the next time you see that thing it may have a nice new wheelset and some other tasty parts. I will leave you till tomorrow with this little diddy I read from a friends blog today. Bob Jerkins wrote:

I called my buddy Luke for some guidance, and he told me this story about Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez:

When Cortez and his men arrived on the shores of the Yucatan, he rallied them for one final pep talk before leading them into battle. These three words changed the course of history: “Burn the Ships”. He met with resistance from his men. "Burn the ships," he repeated. He then said, "If we are going home, we are going home in their ships". With that, Cortez and his men burned their own ships, and by burning their own ships the commitment level of the men was raised to a whole new level.
Whoa, those were some baaad mofos.

Holy shit Bob and I are going to kick all your asses this season....Ahhahhahahahaha!


  1. The more you sweat during practice
    The less you bleed in battle....

  2. I gained a few lbs over cx season, I think with a lot of hard work, you could weigh = or less than me! Think of your power to weight ratio!!

  3. "Heft on Wheels" is now at the top of my to-read list.

    Imagine the looks on their faces this spring...

  4. Heft on Wheels....what an inspiring book. I just finished reading it about an hour ago for the second time in 2010!
    Mrs. Storm