Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twenty Six

Today on my ride I was joined by Sasha and Taft for a wonderful 26mi gravel and road ride. I picked Taft up from work at 12:30pm and then we headed west to the Mound were the amazing Mrs. TTM,aka Sasha Petrosevitch,aka Wendy was meeting us at 1pm. We started to get dressed when Taft realized he had left his winter tights at home leaving him only his bib shorts! It was too cold for that shit, so he rocked the cords on this glorious gravel grinder. We also ran into the puncher of cocks at the Mound lot where he was on his way to Klondike for some Big Unit action.
Taft and Sasha pre ride. Check out Taft's cords.......CRUNCHY!

We headed out cxmas style and entered the Hamburg, then dropped into Lost Valley for some good Hills. We then crossed HWY 94 to get back on the katy. Rode the Katy to Terry Rd, and you know what that means. Climb city is what they should rename that beast. Up Terry and up Duke later we found the Matson Hill, but this time we were headed down that whopper of a climb. Down Matson and then back onto the katy all the way to the Hamburg again. Up the Hamburg and back to the Mound in just over 2hrs for a total of 26mi with tons of Climbs.
Top of Duke Rd. some scenic shit can be found in Augusta, MO.

It was an awesome day to be on the bike and a nice base for what I will turn into a 60mi ride over the next couple of months. Scott and Wendy both crushed it and we had an awesome time talking about this and last season. I can't wait to do this ride in some warmer weather. I think a Major One shakedown Hilly addition will be happening once it warms up. I am very eager to ride my MTB, but it is in pieces and the trails are trashed. The Major One has proven to be truly one incredible ride, so I at least have that till the BU is ready to roll again. Gravel ride this Sunday with Le Professeur! Holy shit I can't wait to ride some of the Bia's best gravel roads with the growing BOCOMO Seagal chapter, our latest sponsor Klunk and other people that don't suck. Good night.


  1. Jealous for sure! Somebody has to keep the Monster of Trails in check.

  2. Great ride... Those hills were sick... I look forward to riding that again... How about a monthly team ride???

  3. You Terry climbing jerks. I love the rollers on Duke. The only thing more hardcore than riding in cords is riding commando in cords. Jerks.

    PS. Come ride out here. Think 17miles of Matson. No repeats neccessary, I promise.

  4. Why the eff do you guys have to live so far away?

    Commando in cords may lead to spontaneus taint combustion.

    Keep up the solid work man, you're racking up some serious miles. Hope to see all of you turds in Como this weekend!