Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Rode 52mi today out to Old St. Chuck for lunch with our friend Val. The ride started with for of us Punchor, Scott, Josh P,and Me. Puncher turned around at CC Lake, and Josh did as well shortly after due to the snow/his road bike meet it's match. I was a good thing because the Katy section was pretty rough. Lots of fish tailing and splashin. We dined on some great food here, I had an Ice Tea...damn a beer would have been better. It was a nice 5hrs on the Major One today, and so far the biggest ride thus far of 2010. I hope this weather sticks around, here are some pics.


  1. That looks like a whole lot more fun than
    taking care of Medicaid patients. FML.

    Strong work drinking tea instead of the beer, dude. And I'm with you, CX bikes are the greatest.

  2. That was a fun freaking ride. My legs were toast coming up Macklind on the way home. Looking forward to Sunday. I'll call you Saturday to figure out timing, etc....Punchor