Friday, January 1, 2010


Well the title pretty much sums up what I am trying to complete here with this blog, and I figured I would share this new year with whomever chooses to read this thing. For most of my life(15 yrs) I have been riding bikes, I got my first "real" mtb when I was 13, rode Chubb for the first time a week later, and the rest is history. I have played competitive sports my entire life, and when I was done with school and there was no more College Lacrosse I needed to find another form of competition. Racing bikes has since filled that void for the past 8 years, and since then I have done pretty well for a 240lb guy. I have finished some of the toughest endurance races in the midwest, but that is just it....finished....not won......placed ok......but never won any. Maybe it's because I ride a SS, maybe it's because I really don't care too much about winning, or maybe it really is something that you can't do when you are a fat cyclist. I ride as much if not more than most people I know, but I recover probally more than anyone else as well. I always tell people that if I didn't ride bikes I would be 400lbs, and that's no joke. If you looked at my calories in vs calories burned I would be in big trouble if I took out all my riding. I love to cook, eat, and drink beer of all kinds. There is a reason Pabst was my number sponsor choice when we started TEAM SEAGAL, it is one of my favorite beers. Since I graduated Highschool I have gained 60lbs, lost 40 of it, and then gained it back 2 years ago when I was off the bike from 2 ruptured disc in my back. The past 2 seasons I have been fluctuating in the 220-240lb, but this year it's on. I have my 10 year highschool reunion this fall, and when I graduated I weighed 185lbs. This blog will follow me each day in my quest to get back to the weight I was 10 years ago. I know at that weight I can probally be very competitive on my SS, and I might even have a shot at winning some of the races I do each year. I don't really know what I am doing, but I am going to get there no matter what. I will have fun riding my bike as always, and hopefully I can discover some new things about myself and others from this blog. As of right now that plan is this. No alcohol of any kind for the next 2 months(this one is actually pretty easy as it will be my third year with this winter time tradition.), I am also going to be running 3 times a week, riding a ton as always, and seeing a nutritionist for the hardest part of all of this the dreaded diet. I started the no alcohol today, but don't start the rest till monday. Tonight we had Porters fried chicken, jack salmon, gizzards, jalapeno get the picture. Tomorrow is Pizza, and then our favorite Chinese take out on Sunday. I am getting the good stuff while I still can, and come Monday it's chicken breast and steamed broccoli for me. Only 364 more post to go, and when I get to 365 I will be the same person in a smaller faster package. I look forward to what this year has in store for TSM, and will be seeing you on the trails.


  1. Also, it looks as though you are dropping something in the middle of the street at the sight of the arch in your header photo.

  2. I am dropping a truth bomb on that shit homey! I am stoked for my haymaker kit!!!

  3. Awww shit, looks like you and I have chosen the same path, my friend. Maybe we can keep each other accountable?

    Maybe we can both surprise some people when Spring rolls around!