Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today Coach met Me and Katie at our place and we then proceeded to FoPo for some snow ridin', and all around goood times. Really cold good times. It was cold as FUCK outside! We managed 11mi with a little bit of everything thrown in. Hillclimbs, hill bombs, cx course snow runs, tokyo drifts, crashes, and a stop at the Zoo to see Safety Phil(Katie's dad is the Zoo Safety Manager. Yeah pretty rad.) We rode home into what seemed like 30mph winds that were below freezing temps. So cold it was Amazing. All in all another pretty good day. This makes 7 days in a row with at least 10mi of outside rides for both Katie and Me. The trainer is still safe, but if it gets any colder than today I think the trainer might just have to get it's ass kicked. Enjoy a few pics from todays ride. Wanted to take more but the lobster mits made the camera hard to operate and there was no way those bad boys were coming off.

Mr. and Mrs. Storm

The Grand Basin, Art Hill, and 3 cold mofo's.


  1. It looks like Katie is in training too.... Will she be mtb in the spring??? Come on girl, you know you wanna