Friday, January 22, 2010

Twenty Two

Today was my rest day! I needed it too, after a week filled with riding/running my legs were toast. Made Bison Whole Wheat Spaghetti for dinner and then Katie and I went to go see Up In the Air with my Mom, Brother, and friend Jeff. It was great. Here are my 3 Konas. I am hoping to grow this number by 1 soon, but will it be mine?!

My everyday bike, but this was my first Major One(Pre-Semi). I am now on #2, but still same great bike.

This is my latest(Kona Rat Track), and next build after my Big Unit's upgrades are done. I will be building this thing up over the next month. Will post before and after for both bikes soon. I can't wait till track season.

The best MTB I have ever ridden. Scandium tubes, 29in wheels, 1 gear, a Reba up front, and then throw in the best components thomson, king, avid, salsa! I ride because of this bike. I will post soon about my Fellet Brazed future wheelset build from our wonderful folk at Velocity! I will never have too many bikes. See you tomorrow.

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